Kemal Akay


Hello world! I am Kemal, I was born and raised in Istanbul. Currently, I am UI Technical Artist at Electronic Arts Ghost Games, located in Gothenburg, Sweden. I have educational background in the field of visual communication design (Kadir Has University, BA) and game design (IT University of Copenhagen, MSc) with diverse skill set in art, interaction design and scripting.

While at high school, I became passionately interested in video games so I started to analyze them and develop prototypes as a hobbyist. In January 2010, I have my book Game Programming with DirectX (ISBN: 9789944711333) published from Pusula Publishing. After that, I have started writing articles and reviews about cyber-culture, technology, electronic products and video games in various parts of media.

In 2012, I have started my professional career as a freelance UI/UX Designer for Youthmedia, a leading online marketing/advertisement company in Istanbul. On January 2014, I became community manager and video editor at Nowhere Studios, the developer of Monochroma game. Between the years of 2016 and 2018, I worked as a graphics test engineer at Unity Technologies among software engineers in Lighting R&D department, based in Copenhagen, Denmark. I was part of exciting projects such as Progressive Lightmapper and new mixed light modes.

Nowadays, I still continue to review video games in Dijital Oyun Kültürü, a Turkish game blog where the aim is to inform local game communities about academic news, events and also to enlarge resources about game literature. Besides gaming, I also enjoy watching movies and studying philosophy. I’m an avid fan of MotoGP as well.