Kemal Akay


I was born and raised in Istanbul. Currently, I am Graphics Test Engineer at Unity Technologies. While at high school, I became passionately interested in digital games so I started to analyze them and develop prototypes as a hobbyist. In January 2010, I have my book Game Programming with DirectX (ISBN: 9789944711333) published from Pusula Publishing. After that, I have started writing articles and reviews about cyber-culture, technology, electronic products and digital games in various parts of media.

After graduating from Notre Dame de Sion French high school in 2011, I started to study Visual Communication Design at Kadir Has University. In 2012, I worked as a freelance UI/UX Designer for Youthmedia, a leading online marketing/advertisement company in Istanbul. Later on, I became apart of Playnation ApS (now defunct) and worked as a content editor for the localization of the website in Turkey. On January 2014, I became part-time community manager and video editor at Nowhere Studios, the developer of Monochroma game. For my master’s degree, I have enrolled at IT University of Copenhagen, in the department of Game Design & Theory. Nowadays, I still continue to analyze digital games in Dijital Oyun Kültürü, a Turkish game blog where the aim is to inform local game communities about academic news, events and also to enlarge resources about game literature.