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Anamorphine – Surreal Digital Game

Game Analysis

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Anamorphine is a surreal game developed by Mohannad Al-Khatib and Ramy Daghstani in United States, first revealed in IGDA Demo Night, two weeks ago.

The game heavily relies on creating narrative based gameplay experiences, offering optical illusions and anamorphic images (as the title of game suggests). The camera angle this game uses is called First Person Shooter (FPS). Even though the game is not a shooter, the name of genre comes from the first FPS game, Wolfenstein. Until the second half of 2000s, all the games created in this genre used to be only shooters. In 2007 Bioshock game, developed by now defunct Irrational Games, was one of the first production to interpret this genre in a different way. Preferring a more narrative based gameplay experience, it was one of the most successful digital games in the industry.

However, Dear Esther should be mentioned as the first FPS game to literally create a gameplay without using any weapons. FPS is a crucial type of genre in the industry as it offers the most immersive experience among other type of games. All the visual world is depicted through the eyes of player and whole the control relies upon them. In essence, all the physical movements are translated into virtual world.

Anamorphine, on the other hand, is one of those rare games in which they try to interpret the features of the genre more differently. In this early alpha version of game where I shared above, you start game by entering into the mouth of a huge panda and then, testify the changing world around you where it constantly keeps evolving and makes you question the experiences you’re having. The anamorphic 3D environment creates struggles between your self-identity and Other.


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